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Essay writing tips

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you just cant get your thoughts down on paper? It seems like even though you have millions of great ideas floating around in your head; the screen in front of you stays blank. Writing an essay is a piece of cake only if you know what youre doing. If you dont have any idea where to even start, useful essay writing tips are extremely important. Essay writing tips can help pinpoint where you are struggling and help rectify the problem before it gets any worse. Since we are a site dedicated to helping students succeed, our writers are teamed together and collaborated on a list of essay writing tips that will help you save endless hours of frustration, sweat and tears. So, here they are:

Essay writing tip #1

Our writers say that the most underrated essay writing tip is sufficient time allocation. Many students think that a day or two is all it takes to write a quality essay. For experienced writers, this isnt a problem, but for your average student, this is near impossible. Research takes time, forming a quality idea and thesis needs to be well thought out before the actual writing process begins.

Essay Writing Tip #2

Use quality resources. This essay writing tip can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Dont fall into the trap most students do by using bad sources. Bad sources can be classified as those which are from sites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo These sites are not good academic sources because they are not properly referenced meaning that anyone over the internet can be giving their opinion. Obviously, your professor will not appreciate this approach and your paper will greatly suffer.

Essay Writing Tip #3

Organization is critical and is an essay writing tip that students ignore. After you select the correct resources, you need to organize them in terms of importance and relevance. You need to read through the resources and select a common theme that they all share. This will help you determine your thesis which will be the basis of your overall paper.

Essay Writing Tip #4

Write the first draft. A first draft is a practice draft and can be written quickly. The thesis of the paper should be expanded and significant points should be written down. It is critical to remember that if you cite or quote anything within your paper, you need to keep track of it and remember to reference it in your bibliography.

Essay Writing Tip #5

Review your first draft and revise it. Rewrite any parts that dont make sense and make sure the flow of paper is logical. You need to make sure that the body of your paper sufficiently supports your thesis. As well, be sure to see if you have made your points in a manner that can be easily understood. Avoid complex language. The simpler you keep your paper the better. Your prof wont be impressed if you write a Shakespearian-type essay that doesnt make a valid argument. This essay writing tip is the one that gets lots of students in trouble. Many students think that if they use fancy words, it means their paper is great. Avoid this trap and focus on content.

Essay Writing Tip #6

Dont forget to edit your final draft and make sure that all sources are correctly cited in the bibliography. If your sources are not correctly cited, your professor will flag the paper as plagiarized and then youll end up with an automatic fail.

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