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Persuasive essay writing

Its easy to write a bad essay. What is a bad essay? We think it is one that makes no point or valid argument. It goes around in circles without ever really making a persuasive point. On the other hand, a good essay is a one that uses persuasive essay writing techniques. A persuasive essay is a paper that convinces the reader that your argument is valid and makes the reader sway to your logic.

What are persuasive essay writing techniques?

The first thing you need in order to develop persuasive essay writing skills is gather facts that support your argument. You will never be able to convince anyone that you are correct if you do not have solid facts that back up your argument. After you have gathered enough facts to support your argument, the second important aspect of persuasive essay writing is putting the facts into your own words so that they speak to your target audience. If you are writing a persuasive essay for your college professor, you have to make sure the facts are presented in a manner that is clear and formal. The third most important thing to remember in terms of effective persuasive essay writing techniques is organization. You can organize your facts so that the most persuasive facts come first and the least persuasive come last. The fourth most important aspect of persuasive essay writing is adding your own voice or your own opinions to the argument. You cannot write a truly convincing persuasive essay if you have no opinion on the topic you are arguing for. Keeping this in mind, you should pick a topic that you have prior knowledge about or are passionate about. If you pick a topic that you know nothing about, it will reflect in your writing. You need to remember when writing a persuasive essay, you need to edit and revise. Make sure that every sentence flows, is logical and adds something to the argument. There is no point in writing just to fill space.

How to organize your persuasive essay

When taking part in persuasive essay writing, you have to remember that you need a properly organized essay. Your first paragraph should introduce your chosen topic and let the reader know how you feel about it. The art of persuasive essay writing requires that you capture your readers attention within the first paragraph. You cannot expect the reader to continue if they arent interested from the start. The body of your persuasive essay needs to flow logically and stay focused on the main issue at hand. Never simply summarize facts, you need to state them and then tell the readers how you feel about the. The conclusion is very important when carrying out persuasive essay writing. The conclusion should refer back to the first paragraph and then restate the main points of your argument. Finally, it should re-affirm your original argument.

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